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November 29, 2015

We can't help but be inspired by this minimalist, boutique hotel in Cadaques, Spain; it's inspired by a sense of place with an aesthetic that's both unique and timeless. 


Simple, rustic, elegant, modern, and small, Tramuntana Hotel is just 11 rooms and a few common spaces.  It captures the history and charm of its location in Costa Brava along the Mediterranean.  Full of bright spaces and minimalist accents, the hotel is the work of Barcelona-based interiors studio INT SIGHT.   


The palette uses cool, light colors with lots or bright whites and warm neutrals.  Texture was skillfully used to create interest in a minimalist environment.  The white stone walls, natural wood grains, light textiles, and simple furnishings ensure the interiors are beautiful, bright, and relaxing. 


Take a look below to see more images from this hospitality design inspiration


 image |  tramuntana hotel


images |  tramuntana hotel // indecora


images |  conflated // tramuntana hotel


image |  tramuntana hotel


images |  diario design // singulares


image |  tramuntana hotel


images |  diario design // tramuntana hotel


images | the style files // singulares // the style files


images | trip advisor // drimvic


images | petite passport //  tramuntana hotel


image |  tramuntana hotel


images |  tramuntana hotel // the style files

image |  drimvic

cover image |  petite passport




Tramuntana Hotel

Calle de la Torre, 9

Cadaqués, Girona


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