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December 30, 2015

As a 2014 Interior Design Best of Year winner, there's little doubt as to the design quality of the St. John of God Hospital in Barcelona.  The concept was geared towards the hospital's maternity and pediatric specialization, but in a whimsical and mature way.  


The colorful menagerie inspiration used for the project appeals to young patients as well as their parents and the other adults working in the hospital.  Although modern and minimalist in some ways, the design is far from cold or sterile.  In fact, the bright white found throughout seems cheerful and optimistic when combined with colors and animal motifs that have become the visual signature of this hospital.  


Llongueras Clotet Architects and Rai Pinto Studio were the architectural design firms who worked on the project, and based on the popularity of their work, the new design concept will now be implemented hospital-wide. 


We love the concept and inspirations behind this project almost as much as the end result.  Take a look below at some of the images of this modern and colorful pediatric hospital to get a healthy dose of healthcare design inspiration - enjoy


image | il pampano


images | archkids // diario design


image | barcelona medical agency


images | archkids  //  interior design


image | archkids


image | petit & small



images | il pampano // interior design


image | vimeo


images | il pampano  //  petit & small


image | archkids


image | interior design




cover image | archkids



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