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Like other industries, healthcare is always changing and responding to new design trends. Healthcare spaces must not only facilitate the work of the doctors, nurses, and other professionals, but also serve as healing environments for patients and family members. This means the design must fully consider the health and safety implications, maximize efficiency, and create aesthetic appeal for employees and patients alike.

With this in mind, healthcare design has recently been using hospitality influences to provide a more welcoming and comfortable environment for patients. And as a business, healthcare facilities must be designed to appeal to potential users. Plain and drab hospitals and clinics are being replaced by pleasant, beautiful, and highly functional new facilities. Design and branding are an important part of healthcare projects, and standing out from other facilities is important.

Pace Howe has extensive healthcare design experience from projects all over Michigan, and we frequently find ourselves doing interiors in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. With this in mind, we wanted to put together a collection of spaces that have raised the bar by venturing away from traditional healthcare design. Not only do these projects stand out from typical facilities, but they're unique for commercial design in general.

These futuristic healthcare designs highlight the sheer possibilities that medicine has to offer, and they showcase the imagination, technology and new solutions available today - both in healthcare and design. Take a look at the images below to see the inspiring futuristic healthcare spaces we've collected - enjoy

image | comtemporist

image | freshome

image | homedit

image | homedit

image | architonic

images | etnews // tmporch

images | dezeen // archdaily

image | zoom

image | feedly

cover image | archdaily

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