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inspirations | minimalist packaging

Most people like good packaging, something that stands out and grabs your attention. But unfortunately, too many products try to do this with overbright, in-your-face, and overwhelming packaging. This is the kind of packaging that grabs your attention in a bad way. Thanks, but no thanks, not our of tea.

On the other hand, sleek, simple, and elegant packaging has an almost universal appeal. Think of Apple products, globally popular and all of which use simple, minimal packaging design to house their products. It works for them, and for many others too. After all, packaging is the first thing people see when they lay eyes on a product. Not only does the design of packaging affect bottom line items like materials and shipping costs, but also how consumers perceive your image and brand.

There are many, many companies out there who have thoughtfully prepared the outer layers of their products. Today, we've put together a scollection of incredible, minimalist packaging designs - packaging that not only represents the brand, but which also exudes simplicity and sophistication.

Take a look below to see some amazing packaging inspirations. Enjoy

minimalist health + beauty products | the dieline

minimalist food packaging | the dieline

simple chocolate packaging | behance // minimalist jiuce bottles | the dieline

pizzeria farina product packaging | glasfurd + walker

minimalist egg carton | behance

modern milk + juice cartons | lovely package

reclaimed wire rings | design milk // minimalist water bottles | ultralinx

minimalist soda can designs | the best packaging

minimalist lavendar packages | steven alan // simple tea packaging design | 3force

luxury & pencils packaging | the dieline

minimalist cereal box design | lovely package // modern baked goods | the ginger scone diaries

minimal shampoo bottle | the afternoon studio

minimalist harmonian herb packaging | mouse graphics


minimalist olive oil packaging | sunday suppers

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