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December 5, 2015


For a dose of ingenuity and and inspiration, we've put togwether a collection of favorite outdoor art installations. More than basic gallery works, art installations tend to be pure imagination and creativity, a pairing of visual beauty and practical ingenuity.   These pieces are so incredible, they can't be contained indoors and must literally become part of the landscape.  Or cityscape, as the case may be.


Below are just a few examples of inspiring outdoor at installations - enjoy


BOURRASQUE | Paul Cocksedge - an outdoor light sculpture in the courtyard of Lyon's Hotel de Ville for their annual Festival of Light in 2011  

image | dezeen


JARDIN EN MOVEMENT | Cornelia Konrads - created for art and landscape festival in 2015, this piece shows a tree exploding through an embedded stone facade 

image | cornelia konrads


CLEAR CUT | Joakim Kaminsky + Maria Poll  - Kaminsky and Poll of Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture created this installation in a Swedish forest to reflect the common forestry cycle there, in which trees are grown, cut, and re-grown in a continuous 60-year cycle 

image | archdaily


STAIRCASE OF SANTA MARIA DEL MONTE | La Scala Flower Festival - this staircase in Sicily has been used as a backdrop for the city's festivals and celebrations, such as the flower festivals shown above  

image | this is colossal


TETRIS | Ella Barclay, Adrianne Tasker, Ben Backhouse, + Kelly Robson - giant illuminated tetris blocks were suspended over an alley in Sydney, Australia as a work created for the Gaffa Gallery  

image | trend hunter



ÁGITAGUEDA ART FESTIVAL | beginning 3 years ago, the art festival in Águeda, Portugal hangs hundreds of umbrellas above the streets each year to mark the annual event  

image | bored panda


TRIPOD | LIKEarchitects - referencing the infinity knot form, this sculpture is a tribute to the Portuguese city of Porto's stairs and balconies, which are crucial to its architectural character   

image | dezeen


BLOOM | Sam Spenser - 137 umbrellas were arranged to create the effect of being blown into the tree, as part of the Wrapping Project outside a former power station  

image | evening standard


ARTAQ 2013 | Mademoiselle Maurice - an art installation on the steps leading to a cathedral, the work is composed of more than 30,000 folds  

image | mademoiselle maurice


SERPENTINE GALLERY PAVILION | Sou Fujimoto  - created to be a structure that could seamlessly meld into the surrounding beauty of Kensington Gardens, the pavilion was inspired by the form of a cloud 

image | dezeen


BRUSH BROOK | Barry Underwood - an artist known for his outdoor light installations, Underwood draws inspiration from the history and ecology of a location to create his surreal and hauntingly beautiful works  

image | barry underwood



Cover Image

TRACE (BLUE) | Barry Underwood   

image | barry underwood


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