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January 4, 2016


Signage and wayfinding have always been an important part of design.  Creating facilities that users can actually navigate is essential to making a design function.  Nothing is worse than a beautiful space that's confusing to use - people walking around in circles, bumping into walls, real nightmare scenario.


And while planners, designers, and architects have always understood how much wayfinding matters, the creativity is  sometimes lacking and signage is basic and functional. Although function is essential and basic signage can be the best solution for certain spaces, there are other projects where more is called for.   The beauty of environmental graphics and wayfinding signage has become something of an art form in recent years, exploding in popularity both online and in actual projects.  


A facility's signage can have a major impact not just on the overall design, but also the organization's image and brand.  After all, it's often seen first when people enter a building and it's an element found throughout the entire space, guiding people to their intended destinations.  With this in mind, it's easy to see why the design of signage and wayfinding tools are essential to a beautiful and functional design.  


And this is true for bathroom signage as well, possibly even more so due to the fact that they're universal and vitally essential for users of any space.  The following are examples of exceptional and unique restroom wayfinding signs.  We've collected a number of simple and modern designs, as well as some that are graphic, whimsical, or funny. Take a look below to see bathroom signage done right.





 image | archiproducts


 images | irobe design institute  // flikr



 images | la revuw du design // inspiration feed


 image | christophe remy


image | environment design


 images | archdaily // behance


images |  knstrct // ed white





images |  prado castañares // lancia


images |  retial design blog  //  masa ogawa


images |  visualize us  //  the asylum


image |  identity designed


images |  enviromeant  //  swiss miss  //  losu


images |  jimmy gaboriaud  //  epace commun  //  laquinca


 images |  p020  //  etsy  //  halloween forum


images |  graphic ambient  //  amazon  //  blik


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